Smartphone Drybag for tank bag

Code: BC.TRS.00.152.10000
Torbica za pameten telefon
Primerna za naprave 170×90 mm. Vodoodporna.
Ni za EVO Micro, Enduro LT, Yukon 90, ION one


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Na voljo po naročilu


Smartphone Drybag

Our waterproof Drybag device bag for smartphone fits on most QUICK-LOCK EVO tank bags. Durable materials protect your hardware from scratches and also offer flexibility under cold weather conditions. At the same time the display always stays in sight. The Smatphone Drybag can also be used together with the tank bag volume expansion. Its generous inner dimensions of 90 x 170 mm offer room for nearly every smartphone.


  • Smartphone Drybag


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